Thursday, 27 March 2008

So what's it all about then?

Inspired by this site and this site this blog will be a collection of interesting stuff, things I want to make (ie bake/knit/sew) and general ramblings.

There will be photos of my many (failed) attempts at cooking and baking, for example, my brownies came out the oven with the appearance and texture of a sponge cake, and the fairy cakes I made were so hard even Izzy wouldn't eat them, and they had chocolate chips in them! Luckily there are no photos of these disasters.

There will be links to pages that I like and want to remember. I found a recipe for cupcakes with a strawberry baked in the middle of them, but neglected to record the location of said cupcakes and I fear they may be lost forever (or I could Google it).

There will be photos of my dogs, and possibly my husband, he is rather camera shy though so I won't be holding by breath.

While in the shower this evening, I wondered to myself, do you make liquorice or do you grow it?

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