Friday, 28 March 2008

Things to do tonight

I need to sign up to Photoshop Express when I get home tonight, upload some photos and have a play around with them. I only have MS Paint at the moment on my PC, I used to have GIMP but the different floating windows confused me. That and m hubby kept deleting it off the PC because he thought it was something else. I used to have a trial version of Paint Shop Pro, which is my all-time favourate image editing software. If I set the clock on my PC back to May 2003, I could use it as much as I wanted to - I kept forgetting to put the clock right again though. Oh, I also need to check out the ad network and see what I can come up with there. Oh bum. Just checked it and they are no longer taking new applicants. Ah Well.

Oh, I created a Flickr account last night, and added some various random photos.

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