Friday, 28 March 2008

Television - the conversation killer

The new series of the Gadget Show starts on Monday night on five. I enter the competition every week, but haven't won anything so far. The only problem with this show is that I want everything they show!!

The second series of Skins is nearly finished. I think there are only 9 episodes, that's how many there were in Series 1, but there are more people in it now, so we could see a few more. The one shown on Monday was Episode 7 - Effy, so that means there are only 2 left! Oh No! And Sid and Cassie are leaving after this series too!

Series five of Nip/Tuck started the other week on FX, not a channel I watch very often. The first episode was a bit slow, maybe because it focused on Sean and Christian and not the rest of the family. I've recorded the rest, and just need to find the time to watch them now.

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